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Hillary Raymer



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This is a PREORDER for the luxe special editions of the Faeven Saga. The books will be naked hardcovers (NO dust jacket) with a rose gold foil design.
There will be full color endpapers on the inside, each one depicting a scene from each book. (If you want updates on what these books will look like, feel free to join my discord server where I share progress). The edges will be sprayed rose gold as well.

How does this one differ from the regular special edition preorder?

Easy. This preorder will come with an exclusive art print featuring almost all of the characters from Void of Endings, as well as a “Visit Niahvess” Poster. The art print will ONLY be available with this preorder. 

Some things to keep in mind:

*These will only be available for preorder on my website. Nowhere else. 

*Preorders will be available until they are sold out

*As of now, we are looking at shipping late this year. I had to switch cover designers because I want you all to have the best product. Again, if you want updates, please join my Discord. The invite is in my linktree. 

*Each book will be signed and personalized. If you need the books personalized for someone other than who the books are being shipping to, please email me directly at

Thank you so much and I hope you’re as excited for these as I am! 

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