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Hillary Raymer

Throne Of Dreams Hardcover

Throne Of Dreams Hardcover

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All hardcover versions come signed by the author.

Book two of the Faeven Saga

For Maeve Ruhdneah, being blessed with the soul of a goddess comes with a price. Now, war is on the horizon and she finds herself relying on the callous High King of Summer, Tiernan Velless, to help her control the magic in her blood. Yet as tension and temptation surge between them, she’s torn between wanting to stab him in the chest or tumble into his bed.

But the High King of Summer carries a secret from his past, one that promises loss and death. With Parisa’s dark magic on the rise and unrest growing in the Autumn Court, Tiernan and Maeve must fight to protect everything they love or risk losing it all. Including each other.

Because if one thing is for certain, the fates are not always kind.

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